Mindplaces: Art by Eric Pommer

Amaka and Seranith

Client Brief: I'd like Amaka pretty much draped in front of Seranith, the curve of her breast exposed as she looks over her shoulder at the viewer with a devious smirk on her lips. Seranith has one arm wrapped protectively about her waist and staring evilly at the viewer. something like that. oh yea, Amaka has nothing on but acrimson satin sheet wrapped around her waist (more like falling off of her waist).

Seranith Lunark the student of life energies: This elf walks with extreme grace and ease and looks quite frail. He has well groomed hair, which falls elegantly upon his shoulders. pale, white, pointed ears cut through his black hair, which is quite a nice contrast.

Amaka Etiole the Pyrotechnic: With a pair of dark fathomless eyes,like two sparkling onyx gemstones, her gaze takes in her surroundings. Her thick wavy auburn hair tumbles down around her heart-shaped face, her pointed ears just peeking through a few tendrils. Petite in stature yet she carries herself like a princess, her luminous bronzed gold skin shimmering with the magic of everlasting youth. Lithe, nimble and agile, she walks as if she floats on air, graceful yet with purpose. Her toned body is limber and soft to the touch, it seems. A devious smirk forever plays on her lips, lending this elf an air of mischief.

Illus. Eric Pommer, 2003