Mindplaces: Art by Eric Pommer

Raekyi, 'The Bawdy Bard'

Client Brief: Rae is a dancer, and a child of the desert. Ergo, she’s usually scantily clad. Her normal attire is what you see in the following IC description. The bodice bears her midriff and laces up the front, and the skirt is split on the sides, lacing up with leather through grommets to match the bodice.

She is a muamrite human and is tall and lean, with sun-bronzed skin. Supple, strong muscles drive her willowy limbs with ease, and she moves with a dancer's grace. The tawny color of henna accents her face exotically; her lips are moderately tinted while a darker shade lines her scintillating peridot eyes. A mass of dark hair that glitters with brilliant copper highlights frames her face, save for the whitish lock of hair just above her left ear. Her hair is lustrous although quite feral, and the unkempt tresses flow about her henna-tattooed shoulders and back. Multiple piercings bearing rounded balls of shimmering silver on their ends penetrate the skin of her biceps and calves, producing a stunningly unique embellishment. She is wearing a grommet studded leather bodice, a raw-edged leather skirt, and a jingling bronze belt.

One addition . . a scrappy little black and russet songbird needs to be fliting about. He's a real mess - he is missing feathers from his wings and has a few tail feathers sticking straight up in the air due to collisions with trees, walls . . people . . But everyone loves Spike, Raekyi's Bardic songbird.

Illus. © Eric Pommer, 2006